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Web Transaction Agent

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J2EE Web Transaction Agent

J2EE Web Transaction Monitor requires an agent to be plugged in the application server (like JBoss, Tomcat) to be monitored. Follow the steps given below to deploy the agent:

For e.g., To enable J2EE Web Transaction Monitor in JBoss application Server, do the following :

By default, only the standard J2EE classes are instrumented for performance metrics. This includes Servlet, JSP, EJB and JDBC classes. In order to collect metrics for the user's Java classes the <wta.props> file needs to be configured.

J2EE Web Transaction Agent Configuration

Configuration is driven via the wta.props file. Properties in wta.props are

  • port - port in which Agent wil start. The default port of the agent is 55555. You can change the default value to your requirement.
  • package-rule - This can contain a value of "include" or "exclude". If specified as include then, only the packages present in the package-list are selected for instrumentation. If specied as exclude then all the packages except for the ones mentioned in the package-list are selected for instrumentation.
  • package-list - This is a comma separated list of the packages that have to be selected for instrumentation. (The package names can be truncated, for e.g., <com.test.server.accounts> can be specified as <com.test.server>.

To configure the wta.props file in your Application Server, add -Dam.wtaconf.dir =<directory in which the wta.props file is present> in JAVA_OPTS . A sample wta.props file is present under <AppManager11/working/conf>

To verify if the agent has started, look for the message 'J2EE Web Transaction agent started at port <55555>' in the startup logs.

Note: This file should be used juditiously because unwanted packages selected for instrumentation will create additional performance overhead on the system.


This monitor type is not supported in the Cloud Starter Edition. Compare Editions.

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