J2EE Web Transaction Metrics


The execution time of the URL and status is displayed along with the performance data for the various components like WEB, EJB, Java and SQL. By clicking on a specific URL, the execution details (Trace) for that particular URL is displayed as a tree structure. The trace will chart the sequence of the internal invocations (methods) of the URL.

In the trace, details of the Methods, like Type of method (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, etc.,) Status of the method (GOOD / ERROR), Execution time is shown. If an SQL is invoked, the SQL Query that was executed would be displayed under More Info. Clicking on Tree will give you the entire list. Clicking on the respective components like WEB will list the various methods of that component alone.

Alarm Configuration:

By clicking on the Configure Alarm icon, you would be able to configure alarms based on the following attributes

You can then associate Thresholds like Response Time and actions like Send Email for the individual URLS, which will be escalated if response time of that particular URL is critical. Know more on alarm configuration. Action can be configured at the monitor level for the Health and Availability. The alarms for a particular URL will be escalated to the monitor.

Note : To update the monitor with current data, click Refresh Data link.

Edit Monitor:

By clicking on the Edit Monitor icon, you would be able to edit the configuration details of the monitor..