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Working with Applications Manager

At the end of this demo, you should be able to create a Banking Application Monitor Group & a JBoss Monitor. You will also learn how to associate actions to alarms. and escalate alarms.

Steps for setting up monitoring

1. Create a monitor group

2. Create monitors and associate the monitors to the monitor group.

3. Configure alarms for the monitor group

4. Associate actions to alarms

Terms you should know

Monitor Group: A logical grouping of one or more resources which may include application servers, databases, network services etc

Monitor: A Monitor represents an Application, Server, Service or Web URL

Alarm: Alarms are notifications generated based on Threshold/Health values

Threshold: Threshold is a predefined set of values based on which an alarm is generated

Action: Actions are tasks to be performed when alarms are generated E.g., Send E-Mail, SMS etc.