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CRM Script Monitor Configuration

Script Monitoring follows the below principle - Based on the polling interval, Applications Manager executes the script to be monitored. The script will transfer its output to another specific Output File configured. The output of the script should be in a Key=Value format where '=' can be any delimiter. Applications Manager parses the Output File and executes the actions configured.

Select CRM from Monitor Types drop down box.

  • Enter the Display Name.

  • Choose the location of script that you want to monitor - Local or Remote.

  • Specify the absolute path of the script.

  • Specify the absolute path of the execution directory.

  • Specify the absolute path of the Output File

  • Enter the arguments that needs to be passed.

  • Enter the polling interval and timeout.

  • Click Add Monitor(s)

We have already given the attributes to be monitored as common to all monitors under CRM Monitor Type. So there is no need to give input attributes to be monitored again.


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