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Introduction - Alarm Configuration

This Demo helps you to do basic alarm configuration for the monitors you have already configured.

Using this demo, we can configure an EMail alarm to be sent, if the CPU Utilization crosses the critical threshold of 75%


Terms you need to know:

Alarms : Alarms are notifications generated based on some condition or criteria called Thresholds.

Threshold : Threshold is a predefined set of values based on which an alarm is generated.

Actions : Actions are tasks to be performed when alarms are generated E.g., Send EMail, SMS etc.,

There are Four severity levels for the alarms and they are

Critical , Warning , Clear and Unknown

Alarms are generated based on

1. Availability of the monitor - represents whether the particular monitor is up or not. It has two states of severity - UP / DOWN

2. Health - represents the overall state of the monitor. Depends on the severity of all the other attributes. It has four states of severity - Critical / Warning / Clear / Unknown

3. Attributes (Numeric & String attributes) - Alarms will be generated, if the threshold profile condition set for these attributes is met. eg., alarm will be generated if threshold of the attribute - cpu utilization crosses 75%

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