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Alarm Configuration Demo

This Demo helps you do basic alarm configuration for the monitors you have already configured. This demo should help you configure an EMail alarm - to sent an email if the CPU utilization crosses a critical threshold of 75%.

Terms you need to know:

Alarms : Alarms are notifications generated based on some condition or criteria called Thresholds.

Threshold : Threshold is a predefined set of values based on which an alarm is generated.

Actions : Actions are tasks to be performed when alarms are generated E.g., Send EMail, SMS etc.,

There are Four severity levels for the alarms and they are

Critical , Warning , Clear and Unknown

Alarms are generated based on

1. Availability of the monitor - represents whether the particular monitor is up or not. It has two states of severity - UP / DOWN

2. Health - represents the overall state of the monitor. Depends on the severity of all the other attributes. It has four states of severity - Critical / Warning / Clear / Unknown

3. Attributes (Numeric & String attributes) - Alarms will be generated, if the threshold profile condition set for these attributes is met. eg., alarm will be generated if threshold of the attribute - cpu utilization crosses 75%
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