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IIS Monitoring Tools

    IIS Monitoring

  • IIS is a web server that lets you share information with users on the internet, intranet, or the extranet and so monitoring of its performance and response time is critical to its users. Applications Manager's IIS Monitor helps in proactively monitoring the IIS performance metrics. It connects to the IIS server and checks for the availability, response time, website stats and status of the various web applications in the pool at regular intervals of time.

  • Monitoring IIS Application Pool health

    Your website is the primary face of communication with your customers and so real-time IIS web server performance monitoring and website monitoring is very important. Availability and the response time of a website during a user access are the two most critical metrics determining the user experience. Applications Manager's IIS performance monitoring capability effectively monitors the bytes and files transferred per second, connection statistics , anonymous/ non-anonymous users per second in your website, besides availability, health and response time. These metrics will help one to know the current load on the server and its performance.

  • Monitor IIS details of .NET server

    Application pool allows one to isolate the web applications deployed in IIS for better security, availability, performance and to keep it running without impacting others. Web sites and web applications depend on the availability of IIS application pools and so monitoring the pools is critical. Applications Manager's IIS monitoring software will display the availability status and health of the various pools in the server and alert you of any failures.

  • Trace individual web transactions in the website with IIS Performance Monitor

    Monitoring the critical transactions of a website reveals its performance from an end user perspective. Applications Manager's IIS monitoring tool lets you get the unique visibility into key performance metrics starting from CLR performance to URLs to SQL queries and measures user-satisfaction with Apdex Scores. With individual transactions being traced, troubleshooting code latencies and pinpointing the root cause of issues is simpler and faster.

  • Monitor details of .NET server

    Keep ahead of the server issues with detailed performance metrics to identify the heap size, threads, network traffic, and connections to the .NET server.

    Get round-the-clock monitoring with proactive alarm notifications. Using comprehensive fault management you can check for impending problems, trigger appropriate actions and gather performance data for planning, analysis, and reporting.

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