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Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Kubernetes Monitoring

Monitor Kubernetes containers in your IT infrastructure to achieve maximum performance

Effectively managing containerized applications requires comprehensive visibility and insights. Applications Manager offers Kubernetes monitoring to enhance the performance and efficiency of your Kubernetes clusters. Get empowered with actionable insights and powerful fault management for smooth and prompt resolution of issues and attain optimal container management.

The challenges faced with Kubernetes

  • Shorter life span: Containers used in a dynamic architecture often have shorter life cycles than VMs and traditional servers. This makes it difficult for monitoring tools to detect anomalies, such as overconsumption of resources on a host.
  • Variable resource usage: Containers may scale up based on increased demand and then scale back down.
  • Multi-node and multi-cluster deployments in Kubernetes often introduce networking complexities in areas such as:
    • Pod communication: Ensuring secure connections between pods across different nodes or clusters.
    • Load balancing: Managing traffic distribution efficiently and handling varying workloads.
  • Diverse workloads and heterogeneous environments can complicate tracking resource utilization (CPU, memory, and disk) across pods and nodes in Kubernetes.
  • Overprovisioning or underprovisioning resources can lead to unnecessary costs and performance bottlenecks.
  • Understanding processes and identifying the root cause of issues is an arduous task.

Proactive Kubernetes monitoring with Applications Manager

Kubernetes monitoring is essential for optimizing performance, and navigating the complexities of Kubernetes requires the use of robust monitoring solutions to ensure optimal performance, resource allocation, and security. Applications Manager offers a comprehensive solution that can address your Kubernetes performance monitoring needs. Our advanced Kubernetes monitoring tool empowers organizations to:

  • Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights into the health and performance of their Kubernetes clusters, proactively identifying and resolving issues before they impact operations.
  • Optimize resource utilization through intelligent tracking and altering. Get insights into resource usage patterns and optimize pod placement and resource allocation for better efficiency and cost control.
  • Perform proactive RCA to help identify and address potential issues before they impact users or applications, minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting and reduce the mean time to repair with intuitive dashboards, drill-down capabilities, and in-depth analytics.
  • Predict and prevent issues with intelligent AI-powered analytics to ensure optimal responsiveness at all times.

Maximize the performance and visibility of your Kubernetes environment with Applications Manager

Improve application performance, reduce infrastructure costs, and ensure a reliable containerized environment. Applications Manager empowers you to make data-driven decisions and achieve your business goals. In a complex Kubernetes environment, each component has its own unique characteristics and challenges that need to be addressed. Our Kubernetes monitoring software empowers you with a perpetual eye that discovers and monitors all the elements in your Kubernetes environment. With it, you can:

Gain deep visibility into Kubernetes clusters

Kubernetes Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Our comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring tool offers a holistic view of your clusters, enabling you to monitor their health and performance effectively. With the ability to auto-discover Kubernetes clusters, you can map relationships between objects like nodes, namespaces, deployments, replica sets, pods, and containers. This visibility allows you to identify faults and their sources with ease, ensuring a proactive approach to cluster management.

Keep your Kubernetes deployments running smoothly by monitoring namespace details. Avoid frustrating validation errors, quickly identify downtime, and prevent accidental namespace conflicts. Exceeding memory limits leads to OOMKilled errors, causing process restarts, missed requests during boot, and slower startup times. Similarly, overconsumption of CPU results in slower transactions. In addition to monitoring, implement resource limits, and consider horizontal scaling to right-size and minimize the impact of improper resource allocation.

Applications Manager lets you monitor:

  • Namespace details
  • Cluster and cluster usage details
  • Nodes and pods
  • Component details

Minimize disruptions with proactive node health checks

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain deep insights into your Kubernetes environment with our comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring solution, which tracks CPU and memory utilization, network components, storage, and more. Get real-time alerts, historical data analysis, and actionable insights to:

  • Scale resources dynamically: Adapt your infrastructure to changing demands, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks: Pinpoint resource constraints and application issues before they cause disruptions.
  • Predict and prevent problems: Monitoring node pods helps you anticipate potential issues like pod unavailability, which can lead to service disruptions, and take preventive actions.
Applications Manager helps you ensure that you have enough nodes and appropriate resource allocations for deployed applications. By monitoring the CPU and memory utilization of Kubernetes nodes (workers and masters), you can make informed decisions about instance numbers and prevent over- or underprovisioning scenarios.

Applications Manager lets you monitor:

  • Node health and availability
  • Allocation of pods in nodes
  • Resource utilization by nodes

Ensure availability and performance of pods

Kubernetes Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Pod availability is critical for seamless operations within Kubernetes deployments. A robust monitoring system allows you to ensure that all desired pods are running as expected and not stuck in restart loops. Failing to configure resource requests and limits can have detrimental effects on your Kubernetes cluster. Resource exhaustion due to unlimited consumption and starvation can lead to performance bottlenecks, service disruptions, and increased costs. Setting these parameters is crucial for optimal resource utilization, stability, and predictable pod behavior.

By tracking resource limitations, configuration errors, and container restarts, you can proactively address issues that may impact the performance of your applications. Set up alerts to receive notifications whenever pod-related anomalies occur, enabling swift troubleshooting.

Applications Manager lets you monitor:

  • Restarts and failures for pods and containers
  • The memory and CPU details of pods and containers
  • Resource requests and limits
  • Container stats, such as container image, status, and start time

Monitor Kubernetes-hosted applications (Services & Deployments)

Kubernetes (K8s) Cluster Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitoring the performance of applications running inside your Kubernetes clusters is essential for maintaining optimal performance. With advanced Kubernetes monitoring tools like Applications Manager, you can track network requests, manage services, and monitor deployments. By identifying individual errors and network request patterns, you can take proactive measures to optimize your application's performance and ensure consistent availability.

Monitoring Kubernetes services helps you ascertain the existence of a particular service, which is generally quite time-consuming without a monitoring tool. By correlating the namespaces of pods and services, and the ports with the services, you can ensure the proper functioning of pods. Mismatched pods and services or pods and ports can lead to the failure of pods.

Applications Manager lets you monitor:

  • Service details
  • Network protocol details for services
  • Deployment stats

Keep an eye on persistent volumes

Monitoring storage classes, persistent volume claims, and persistent volumes provides valuable insights into storage utilization, reclaim policies, and data management practices. This leads to an optimized, efficient, and reliable storage infrastructure for your Kubernetes environment. Our Kubernetes monitor lets you monitor key metrics related to persistent volumes, such as PV status, capacity, and binding information, enabling administrators to identify potential issues like PV detachment or capacity exhaustion.

Applications Manager lets you monitor:

  • The status, claim, access mode, storage class, and capacity of persistent volumes.
  • The namespace, status, association details, access mode, storage class, and request space of persistent volume claims.

Real-time alerts and data-rich dashboards

Alarms dashboard of Applications Manager showing alerts

Timely alerts ensure you don't miss critical issues, and intuitive dashboards empower you to analyze data efficiently. Configure alerts based on predefined thresholds and anomaly profiles to receive notifications via various channels like Slack, SMS, or email. This allows you to take immediate corrective actions and prevent potential disruptions.

Additionally, generate comprehensive and data-rich dashboards that display key performance attributes, historical trends, and actionable insights. Leverage capacity planning reports, inventory reports, and ML-driven forecast reports to make informed decisions and optimize cluster performance.

Stay ahead of the curve with Kubernetes monitoring!

To refine your Kubernetes metrics monitoring practices, it is essential to implement advanced solutions that offer deep visibility, resource tracking, pod availability, application monitoring, and real-time alerts. By proactively managing your clusters and promptly addressing any issues, you can ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your Kubernetes environment.

Applications Manager also supports other Kubernetes deployments in the cloud.


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