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Microsoft Teams monitoring

Explore comprehensive MS Teams performance monitoring capabilities with Applications Manager

Microsoft Teams enables employees and teams to efficiently connect and collaborate through chat, calls, videoconferencing and facilitates shared access to documents, notes, and calendar. With Applications Manager's Microsoft teams monitoring, get extensive insights about the structure and performance of Microsoft Teams service to ensure peak performance and hassle-free business process collaboration.

Get an overview of your Microsoft Teams performance monitor

Using Microsoft Teams monitoring tools like Applications Manager, get an overview of the service health of Microsoft Teams. Become aware of the service health status and identify issues instantly with easy-to-understand descriptions. Our Microsoft Monitoring feature helps discover if the issues were identified as incidents or advisories and troubleshoot instantly to prevent the service from becoming unavailable thereby mitigating users from getting affected.

Microsoft Teams Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track endpoints and response time

With Applications Manager's Microsoft Teams performance monitoring, proactively detect connection lags in your service by identifying increasing response times of endpoints. Get notified about unavailability of endpoints by configuring alarms for the 'Status' attribute and ensure uninterrupted functioning of your service.

Microsoft Teams Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Manage your teams and channels

Teams encompass the people, content, and tools in an organization revolving around different projects and outcomes. Channels are the medium of communication within a team that carries conversations of numerous topics and projects. It is the engine that drives the projects and helps get the work done.

Use Applications Manager to monitor Microsoft Teams performance - get useful insights about the members, channels and the teams in your organization at a single glance. MS teams performance monitoring enables you to manage and administer channel and member count and ensure hassle-free functioning of teams and channels.

Microsoft Teams Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
MS Teams Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get usage information at your fingertips

Analyzing usage statistics leads to a better understanding of how well your service is performing. It can reveal critical information such as user preferences, ease of use, etc.

Applications Manager MS teams monitoring tool lets you visualize usage information metrics such as the number of users per device type, user count per activity type, and activity count per activity type. You can also configure reports for Microsoft Teams performance metrics and analyze trends to understand the user's choice of activity/device type.These reports can be generated on demand, scheduled to be emailed, and can even be exported as pdf for later use.

Monitor Microsoft Teams - ManageEngine Applications Manager
MS Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get started within a few minutes!

With Applications Manager's Microsoft Teams monitoring, get crucial insights about the health and performance of your teams, channels and optimize the functioning of the service for better end user experiences. Quickly get started by downloading a full-fledged, free, 30-day trial now!

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