July 2017

The official newsletter of ManageEngine Applications Manager

In this issue

· Tracking critical Hadoop metrics with Applications Manager
· Case Study: Why a leading ISP in Spain recommends Applications Manager
· Upcoming release: Applications Manager version 13.4: what's coming ahead!

Tracking critical Hadoop metrics for optimal performance

Because of its distributed architecture, Hadoop clusters are often quite difficult to monitor accurately and therefore diagnosing a potential issue can become challenging.

However, with Applications Manager, admins can rest assured that their Hadoop deployments (version 1.x & version 2.x) are just as healthy as the rest of their servers. 

Monitoring Hadoop metrics should begin by incorporating all critical metrics of the most important technologies that comprise the Hadoop framework. 

Hadoop version 1.x

  • Blocks
  • Block Capacity
  • Missing Blocks
  • Corrupt Blocks
  • Excess Blocks
  • UnderReplicated Blocks
  • Pending Replication Blocks
  • HDFS : NameNode
  • NonHeap Memory Committed
  • NonHeap Memory Used
  • Heap Memory Commited
  • Heap Memory Used
  • Total Physical Memory
  • Free Physical Memory
  • MapReduce
  • Total TaskTracker
  • Alive Tasktracker
  • Total Number of Jobs
  • Total Map Slots
  • Used Map Slots
  • Jobs
  • Jobs Submitted
  • Jobs Running
  • Jobs Failed
  • Jobs Completed

Hadoop version 2.x

  • Blocks
  • Block Capacity
  • Missing Blocks
  • Corrupt Blocks
  • Excess Blocks
  • UnderReplicated Blocks
  • Pending Replication Blocks
  • HDFS
  • DataNode: 
  • Live Datanodes
  • Dead Datanodes
  • Live-Decommissioned Datanodes
  • Stale Datanodes
  • DFS used
  • NonDFS used
  • DFS free
  • YARN
  • NodeManager:
  • Active NodeManagers
  • Decommissioned NodeManagers
  • Lost NodeManagers
  • UnHealthy NodeManagers
  • Memory used
  • Applications
  • Apps Submitted
  • Apps Completed
  • Apps Pending
  • Apps Running
  • Apps Failed

Monitoring Hadoop ecosystems can be difficult with their complex infrastructure. A comprehensive monitoring tool can help a great deal in reducing these manual workloads and getting maximum performances from your Hadoop clusters. With Applications Manager's Hadoop monitor, admins find big data handling easier. A complete understanding of your application infrastructure complimented by a robust monitoring solution can help admins bid adieu to a lot of everyday server issues.

A leading Internet Service Provider in Spain uses Applications Manager to ensure 24/7 uptime of their business-critical apps.

With the right monitoring solution, your servers always perform at their best. Identify and eliminate issues before they become a threat and ensure uninterrupted services to your customers all the time.

Applications Manager 13.4 is around the corner. A quick look into what's coming ahead.

  • Website Content Monitoring - Monitor your websites for insertion of potentially hazardous content, images, malicious code, deletion/modification of content and be notified promptly during a hack detection.
  • DB2 for i-series - Tune your DB2 database, optimize your server's resources and gather operating system level data to understand performance issues. 
  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus Monitoring - Gather critical information (like CPU and memory usage, thread count and PGSQL / MSSQL database details) essential to track the performance of ADManager Plus.

A few feature enhancements have also been made in the new version. Make sure to check it out!