June 2017

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Tackling common Tomcat memory issues with Applications Manager

When our support folks talk to customers using Apache Tomcat server, they observe that most of the Tomcat users face certain common memory issues that can often be fixed with a little effort. Most memory issues in your Tomcat server can be fixed by analysing:

Thread Dumps: Analysing memory stats often help in locating the exact memory issue. With Applications Manager's Java Runtime Monitor, instantly view JVM thread dumps and know the exact status of each thread. Take multiple thread dumps at regular intervals to analyse and identify deadlocked threads, waiting threads, blocked threads etc.  Most execution problems like slow processing performance of your Tomcat Server can be solved simply by analysing JVM thread dumps.

Thread Dump, Thread Pool

Heap Dumps:You should also analyse your heap dumps whenever your memory consumption is high. Analysing the use of memory your Tomcat server is making at a point of time can help solve a lot of memory issues and reveal important information like the amount of memory a given thread uses before completing a task and the possibilities of potential memory leaks. 

Heap Dump, Heap Memory

CPU Usage:Although analyzing thread and heap dumps can reveal significant information about tuning your server setups, analysing the CPU usage of each thread can be really useful in understanding the load on your CPU. While most admins regularly tend to watch out for their CPU usage, there is hardly any monitoring tool that delivers this crucial info. With Applications Manager however, admins can instantly view CPU usage and identify threads consuming more CPU and tune their servers in time.

Java runtime CPU usage, Thread pool CPU usage

Global airline giant scales new heights with Applications Manager!

One of the world's largest airlines that serves over 100 destinations across the globe and boasts one of the world's largest fleets. Employing over 20,000 people and serving millions of customers annually. And their choice is ManageEngine Applications Manager. See below why!

With the right monitoring solution, your servers always perform at their best. Identify and eliminate issues before they become a threat and ensure uninterrupted services to your customers all the time.

Upcoming Events

Join us for our Applications Manager User Conference in NYC to learn even more about the software you love with focused presentations, one-on-ones, and even new features, updates, and integrations, all aimed at keeping you ahead of the curve.

Register now for our free endpoint management seminars in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Dallas this July to learn how to manage and protect your desktops, servers, and mobile devices.

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