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Nginx Monitoring

What is NGINX?

Nginx is a popular open source high-performance web server for larger web setups. It is known for its rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

How to monitor Nginx?

Monitoring Nginx servers is imperative for smooth functioning of web applications. Monitor Nginx Performance, health and availability with intellingent Nginx monitoring tools like Applications Manager's Nginx monitoring feature which helps optimize Nginx server performance and provides comprehensive management reports.

Nginx Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Reduce Nginx Downtime with Nginx monitoring tool:

  • Monitor Nginx server availability.
  • Take corrective action by executing custom scripts to start Nginx in case of failures.
Nginx Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track Performance with Applications Manager's Nginx Monitor:

  • Monitor response time.
  • Monitor requests served by Nginx.
  • Get alerts when the performance is degraded.
Nginx Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ensure Application Performance with Nginx monitor:

  • Monitor active connections
  • Monitor requests in waiting state.
  • Perform thorough Nginx application monitoring and take corrective action when more requests are in waiting state to ensure application performance.
Monitor Nginx - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Effective Troubleshooting

  • With Nginx monitoring system's powerful fault management tool, the source of issues is reported to you to help fix faults faster.
  • In addition to Nginx server monitoring, you also get instant performance graphs for key attributes.
  • Reports which can be grouped based on availability, health, and connection time.
  • Get insight into performance of your Nginx server over a period of time.

In addition to Nginx Performance Monitor, check out these related monitoring capabilities offered by Applications Manager:

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