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Redis Monitoring Tool

Redis is an open-source NoSQL database that stores data in key-value pairs and is known for its speed and efficiency. It is suitable for use in database, caching, message broker, real-time analytics, and data storage applications. With Applications Manager's Redis monitoring, you can track the health and performance of Redis databases to ensure high availability and accessibility, providing insights into resource utilization and capacity planning, as well as incident resolution in case of performance disruptions.

Applications Manager: The Redis monitoring solution you need

To ensure your Redis database is functioning at high speed and efficiency, there are a multitude of Redis monitoring metrics that need to be tracked. Redis monitoring tools like Applications Manager enables you to keep a close watch on the performance of your Redis servers with the help of the following capabilities:

Track the performance of your Redis servers

Because Redis is famous for its rapid and dependable data storage access, monitoring its performance is the most crucial step. As Redis functions as a message broker, caching, and data storage to perform fast-paced business operations, the likelihood of encountering a server outage increases when handling numerous requests.

CPU Usage

Applications Manager's Redis monitor enables continuous monitoring of CPU utilization for your Redis server, offering clear visibility. It helps analyze CPU usage patterns by providing detailed graphs of system and user CPU usage and promptly notifies you of any spikes in utilization values.

Redis Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Redis Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Memory Usage

Applications Manager's Redis performance monitoring enables you to obtain real-time insights into memory utilization statistics such as Used Memory, Used Memory RSS, and Peak Used Memory to provide you with a better understanding of how each memory type affects storage consumption. Additionally, it keeps tracks of the Memory Fragmentation ratio, allowing for efficient memory usage and maintenance. Ensure optimal performance and prevent memory issues in your Redis environment.

Redis Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Redis Monitoring Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor the client connections of your Redis server

As Redis is famous for its rapid data storage, message brokerage, and caching abilities, a spike in the number of clients connecting to the server would happen almost immediately, which could impact responsiveness if not addressed.

Applications Manager's Redis monitoring helps you get a clear view of the connections to your Redis server, with detailed information on each connection. It gives you insights into the number of connected, blocked, and rejected clients as well as the number of commands processed per second. This makes it easy to spot increasing values and take appropriate actions to address them.

Redis Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Redis Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep an eye on keyspace status

Applications Manager's Redis performance monitoring tool helps you gain a deeper understanding of your keyspace metrics, which functions as an internal dictionary for Redis to store and manage all its keys. It offers in-depth information about keyspace statistics by monitoring the number of successful and unsuccessful key lookups from the dictionary, as well as the number of expired and evicted keys due to memory limits, providing a thorough understanding of the server's processing capacity. This enables you to analyze the effect of key expirations on system performance, allowing you to avoid data losses and allocate resources appropriately.

Redis Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Redis Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Analyze message broker statistics

Using Applications Manager's Redis monitoring, you can gain insight into the messaging broker aspects of your Redis server. It monitors Redis server's pub/sub statistics by tracking the total number of pub/sub channels and patterns, as well as client subscriptions, to provide a comprehensive view of the volume of message calls your Redis server is handling.

Redis Query Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain insights into your replication processes

Applications Manager offers complete information about the replication processes of your Redis servers, including details like the replication role, master host and port, and the status of the connection between the master and slave servers. Additionally, it monitors the number of slave connections established with the master server, providing a complete view of the replication processes for data integrity.

Redis Cache Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep checks on persistence activity

Applications Manager also monitors the persistence statistics of your Redis server, which is used to store data on physical storage for backup in case of server crashes. It tracks various persistent states of RDBs (Redis Databases) and AOFs (Append Only Files), including the status of the last RDB save operation and the status of the AOF rewrite operation, respectively. Understanding these metrics can be beneficial for database admins during disaster recovery.

Redis Memory Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

AI-powered alerting and reporting

Applications Manager's AI-driven alerting capabilities can help simplify the detection and resolution of issues in your Redis server by detecting potential performance problems and promptly notifying you of the slightest bottleneck. With machine learning-based forecasting reports, you can anticipate your Redis server's future performance, covering timeframes ranging from months to years.

By utilizing AI-powered alerting and reporting, you can enhance your database performance monitoring and problem-solving process, ultimately ensuring that your Redis server consistently delivers fast-paced business performance as it should.

Redis Cluster Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Common questions asked on Redis monitoring

What is Redis monitoring?


Redis monitoring is the process of tracking the health and performance of your Redis databases to ensure high availability and accessibility to the data stored within them. It monitors crucial Redis performance metrics and provides you with detailed insights for understanding resource utilization, capacity planning, and for swift incident resolution in case of a performance disruption.

Why are Redis monitoring tools important?


Redis is a fast and efficient NoSQL database suitable for critical business operations in gaming, messaging, finance, and real-time analytics. Its key strengths lie in speedy data access, but even minor performance disruptions can cause significant financial losses and reputational damage.

Monitoring Redis databases is important for maintaining high performance and preventing downtime, as it allows for timely incident resolution and ensures high availability, making a reliable monitoring solution necessary.

What are the challenges in monitoring Redis?

  • Large amounts of data: Redis is primarily used for its lightweight data handling capabilities, so dealing with huge amounts of data simultaneously can slow it down, affecting its response time.
  • High performance maintenance: Keeping Redis databases running at peak performance 24/7 is compulsory to ensure efficient data storage access, especially during critical business operations.
  • Incident response: Slow response to Redis performance issues can disrupt business operations, making it painful for database administrators to resolve.
  • Scaling up: As your business grows, more data and users will require you to scale up your Redis database to maintain high performance.

Why do you need to monitor Redis?


The Redis dataset is stored entirely in memory, which contributes to its sub-millisecond response times; however, this also necessitates Redis monitoring. Redis monitoring is essential for maintaining a healthy, high-performing Redis environment, optimizing resources, preventing issues, and ensuring a seamless experience for both applications and end-users. With robust Redis monitoring tools like Applications Manager's Redis monitor, you can ensure optimal performance and functioning of Redis databases.

How to monitor Redis performance?


Using a Redis performance monitoring tool like Applications Manager, admins can keep track of Redis database environment's health and performance while alerting administrators of potential anomalies, all within a single Redis monitoring dashboard. Through intelligent machine learning techniques, our Redis monitoring tool can predict the growth trend and utilization forecast of your Redis database system.

Does Applications Manager support Redis query monitoring?


No, Applications Manager does not support Redis query monitoring

Does Applications Manager support Redis cache monitoring?


Applications Manager does not support Redis query monitoring. However, the same can be monitored in Azure cloud using Azure Cache for Redis monitoring.

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