Applications Manager


Monitor Server & Application Performance in Physical, Virtual & Cloud Environments

VMware Monitoring

Gain visibility into your VMware environment

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your VMware ESX/ESXi servers and their guest virtual machines, and helps you ensure they are performing well at all times.

Applications Manager connects with VMware ESX/ESXi servers through standard APIs and determines the health status as well as the performance of the host servers and their corresponding virtual machines. It provides a single console to monitor physical, virtual and cloud components of your IT infrastructure.

IT administrators can use Applications Manager to discover their entire virtual infrastructure and automatically model them the same way they are configured in the vCenter server. The VMware infrastructure will be automatically categorized into components such as data centers, clusters, ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs, etc. If there is a performance problem in any of these components, the IT team can perform root cause analysis, isolate and resolve the issue quickly.

With the aid of Applications Manager's end-user monitoring capabilities, IT administrators can gain valuable insight into the user experience, both before and after a virtualization project. With out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, administrators can maximize ESX server uptime and ensure that your VMware environment runs at peak performance.

Some of the key performance indicators tracked by Applications Manager include:

ESX Performance Metrics CPU Utilization
Know which resource is consuming more CPU. Find out if CPUs are running at full capacity or are they being underutilized. Know the combined CPU usage on the ESX server, the amount of CPU consumed by virtual machines, as well as the CPU utilization of the cores.
ESX Performance Metrics Memory Utilization
Avoid the problem of your ESX/ESXi servers running out of memory. Get notified when the memory usage is high or memory becomes dangerously low. Metrics shown include consumed memory, active memory, overhead memory, shared memory, granted memory, reserved memory, etc.
ESX Performance Metrics Disk Usage
Identify the storage devices with high activity and the amount of free space available in each of the disk partitions. Maintain a margin of available disk space. Get notified when the disk space falls below the critical threshold margins.
ESX Performance Metrics Network Utilization
Monitor the health and status of the network interface. The performance can be monitored through the following attributes - Data Receive Rate, Data Transfer Rate, Packets received / trasmitted, health of interface, etc.
ESX Performance Metrics Top ESX/ESXi Servers
Get an overview of the servers that are consuming your resources and take necessary action. Metrics provided include Top CPU consumers, Top Memory Consumers, Top Disk I/O consumers and Top Network consumers.
VM-to-storage mapping Map VMs to Storage Arrays
Create maps to display relationships between VMware vSphere® servers and underlying physical data stores. VM-to-storage maps clearly reveal problems at storage and application levels helping IT administrators have better end-to-end visibility into the performance of their virtual resources.
ESX Performance Metrics Monitor VMware Resource Pool Utilization
Plan capacity and make educated decisions on resource allocation by monitoring resource pools and cluster performance details. You can monitor and manage your server's current CPU/memory usage, reservation and allocation statistics.
Hardware Metrics Hardware Metrics
Get to know if the hardware components of the VMware ESX/ESXi server are functioning properly. Monitor if any drives have failed, if current voltage of the power supply is normal, and more through hardware monitoring.
ESX Performance Metrics In-depth Performance Reports
Get insightful reports into the overall performance of ESX/ESXi servers. Know how your servers are performing over a period of time and analyze possible trends.

Benefits of using Applications Manager's VMware Monitor

  • Get a single console to manage physical, virtual and cloud components of your IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your VMware ESX/ESXi host servers and their guest virtual machine instances.
  • Gain insight into the performance of your VMware environment; troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users are affected.
  • Plan capacity and make educated decisions about allocating resources to each virtual server.
  • Agentless monitoring solution that is easy to set up and manage.