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WebSphere Monitoring

    Get in-depth visibility into the performance of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) as well as the applications deployed on it. Detect performance issues quickly and reduce the time taken to troubleshoot problems.

  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators of WebSphere

    Monitor overall availability, health and performance of the WebSphere application server. Ensure optimal resource allocation by measuring CPU/memory usage, JVM usage and response time. Track performance of applications using critical metrics such as Live Sessions, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), JDBC connection pools, JMS queues.

    Websphere Monitor Overview ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Track User Experience of Applications deployed on WebSphere

    Understand the user experience by measuring the Apdex (Application Performance Index). You can accurately assess database performance, trace transaction flows and view code level diagnostics to quickly identify a performance bottleneck.

    Websphere Monitor User Experience ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Detect Memory Leaks and Out-Of-Memory Exceptions

    Understand the usage of JVM memory and garbage collection (GC) cycles and generate heap dumps to quickly get to the root cause of memory leaks. Avoid costly downtimes in production or slipped deployment schedules.

    Websphere Monitor Memory ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Monitor JDBC Connection Pool Sizes and Thread Pools

    Proactively track connection pool usage and prevent performance deterioration of Java applications. Effectively track thread pool utilization to prevent deadlocks and detect thread pool exhaustion. Automate taking thread dumps within intervals to identify problematic code.

    Websphere Monitor JDBC ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Perform accurate capacity planning and improve application performance

    Fine tune your application's performance by monitoring the number of active sessions, EJB throughput, JMS queue depth of web applications so that you can plan your capacity accurately.

    Websphere Monitor EJB ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Scale linearly in large environments

    WebSphere Network deployment environment can have more number of nodes and more servers per node, making it highly useful in huge network environments. With automated discovery, you can save time in manually configuring the nodes. You can also selectively monitor the nodes and servers per node.

    Websphere Monitor Network Deployment ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Get real-time alerts on WebSphere and perform corrective actions

    You can proactively detect WebSphere issues as and when they arise and take action before the end users are affected. Automate corrective actions - such as increasing database connection pool size or restarting the WebSphere server when the memory usage increases - with the help of custom scripts.

    Websphere Monitor Alerts ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Built-in reports and dashboards

    Gain an accurate overview about the health and performance of your WAS environment with the help of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

    Websphere Monitor Reports ManageEngine Applications Manager

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