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Windows Cluster Monitoring

Clustering is an increasingly widespread strategy due to its cost-effective ability to ensure improved system availability, scalability and reliability. With Applications Manager's Windows cluster monitoring, IT administrators can monitor all their Windows Server Cluster components from a single, intuitive interface. Our cluster monitoring software is capable of measuring the performance of all the individual nodes in a cluster, monitoring cluster networks on which mission-critical applications run, generating reports on the status of resource groups and getting notified of critical cluster events.

Track Resource Failover

Windows Cluster Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • Automatically discover cluster nodes, monitors applications in clustered environments.
  • Monitor Resource/Resource Group fail-over across nodes and current state of it.
  • Monitor Resource Control Manager tasks like RHS processes running and RHS restarts.
  • Monitor the 'Resource Failures' and identify the Resource type causing most failures.

Cluster Networks

Windows Cluster Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • Identify the status and ensure the health of your failover cluster network.
  • Monitor Windows cluster network traffic (byte and message stats) between the nodes.
  • Calculate the TCP reconnection count and track number of messages in a queue with cluster monitoring.

Resource Groups and Storage

Windows Cluster Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • Monitor the state of your resource group and identify which ones are online and which have failed.
  • Monitor failovers in resource groups; track the node hosting the clustered instance and the preferred node.
  • Monitor storage utilization of the Windows cluster with metrics like used and free disk space.

Event Management and Resource Statistics

Windows Server Cluster Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • Track events across all the nodes in cluster and their source.
  • Discover your Windows clusters and map Windows Event Log variables (log type, log description or severity) to Applications Manager alerts.
  • Get notified of resource failures, access violations and deadlocks.

Insightful Reports and Fault Management

Windows Cluster Monitoring Service - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • Determine the root cause of problems faster and minimize risks associated with performance outages in your windows cluster.
  • Configure alarms and get notifications of performance problems and downtimes via email and SMS instantly.
  • Know how your server clusters are performing over a period of time and analyze possible trends.

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