Assets Financials

    Financials Tab in the Assets details page enables you to View, Add cost for a particular asset. You can also configure depreciation for assets in this module.

    Cost View

    The Purchase cost, Operational cost, Component cost, Disposal cost, Current book value and Total cost of ownership will be listed in the Financials page of an asset.

    • To view the asset costs, Select the particular asset.
    • Click on the Financials menu in the asset window.


    • Purchase cost, Operational cost, Component cost and Disposal cost can be added, edited and deleted.


    Add Cost:

    You can also add cost to an asset by clicking on the Add Cost button.

    • To add cost click on the Add costbutton.
    • Select a date and choose a cost factor.
    • Enter the description and the cost.
    • Click on add cost to add the cost.


    Edit Cost:

    Edit cost enables you to update the cost of an asset.

    To edit the cost,

    • Click on the edit icon on the particular cost.

    • Edit the values and click on Update cost.



    Delete Cost:

    • You can delete a particular cost for an asset by clicking on the delete icon present before the particular cost.
    • Click on "OK" to confirm deletion.


    Cost Details in Report:

    The cost details can be generated in the reports.

    • To add cost details in the custom report, add specific cost details such as Purchase cost, Operational cost, Total cost, Current book value from the Available columns and run report.

    To add cost details in the Summary report, add "cost details" from the available sub reports and generate report.

    Cost Details in Asset list view.

    Cost Details of an asset can also be viewed in the asset list view. Purchase cost of an asset is by default present in the list view. Operational Cost and Current book value can be added to the list view.

    • Click on Columns icon in the right side.
    • Select Operational Cost and Current book value and click save.



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