Associating Vendor to the product

      1. Click the Vendors tab -> Click Associate Vendor button to associate vendor with the product. This opens the Associate Vendor page.

      2. Select the Vendor Name from the combo box. This is a mandatory field.

      3. Specify the cost in the Price field. Both are mandatory fields.

      4. Select the Warranty Period from the combo box.

      5. Select the Maintenance Vendor from the combo box if available.

      6. Specify relevant information about the product and the vendor in the Comments field.

      7. Click Save to save the details. You can see the vendor details listed in the Vendors view list.

      8. Click the Save and add new button to save the Product and add another Product. In this Case, you need to associate the vendor by going to the specific product in the list view and then clicking the vendor tab and then clicking Associate Vendor button.


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