Adding Non-IT Asset


    To Add Non-IT Asset,

    1. Log in to AssetExplorer application using you user name and password.

    2. Click the Assets tab in the header pane. This opens the Assets list view page.

    3. Click Create New link and select the Asset option from the list. [OR]

    Click Non - IT Assets under Assets block on the left side of the page. Select any one the Non - IT assets link to be added. e.g. Projectors & Scanners etc. This opens the Non - IT asset page.


    Specifying Asset Details

    1. Click New button. This opens the Add Asset page.

    2. Specify the Product Name, Asset Name in the given text field. They are mandatory field.

    3. Specify the Asset Tag, Asset Serial No, Bar Code, Vendor Name, Asset Cost in $ in the corresponding text fields.

    4. Specify the Acquisition Date, Expiry Date & Warranty Expiry Date from the calendar button.

    5. Select the Site from the combo box.

    6. Specify the Location in the given text field.

    Specifying Asset State

    1. Select the Asset State by selecting the current status of the asset from the combo box. If the asset is in Use state you need to associate or assign asset to department or user or asset.

    2. Allocate the asset to an Asset or to an User/ or to the Department by selecting any of the two radio button. Say Associate to Asset or Assign User/or Department.

    3. If you choose to associate asset to an asset then select the asset name from the Choose Asset combo box. Or if you have chosen to assign  user or the department then select User or Department from the combo box.

    4. If the asset is leased select the check box Asset is Leased. If the asset is leased then specify the From and To date of the calendar button.   

    5. Click Save button to save the changes. To save and add another asset click Save and add new button.

    Editing Non-It Assets

    1. From the Non-IT Assets list view page -> click the title of the asset to be edited. This opens the asset details page.

    2. Click Edit Resource button on the top right hand side of the page (Or) click the Actions combo box and select Edit Resource option. This opens the Edit Asset page.   

    3. Modify the details and Update the changes.

    Deleting Non-IT Assets

    1. From the Non-IT Assets list view page,select the assets to be deleted by enabling the check box.

    2. Click Delete button to delete the selected assets. A pop-up window pops up asking your confirmation on the delete operation.

    3. Click OK to proceed. You can see the selected assets deleted from the list.


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