Get All CI(s) Type Count

    To get (obtain) the number of CI types available in your organization use the following URL format:


    Assuming you want to get the number of CI types associated with the local server with port number 8080, the URL should be given as:



    1. The operation name "GET"  should be sent as a "POST attribute" with key "OPERATION_NAME".

    2. The technician key should be sent as a "POST attribute" with key "TECHNICIAN_KEY".


    • To get the count of all CIs, use all keyword in the URL

    • Parameter Result Format - Optional. specifies the return format ( XML or JSON )

    • If no result format specified then API will return output in JSON format.

    Sample JSON Output for Get All CI(s) Count:

        "API": {
            "response": {
                "result": {
                    "created-date": "Sep 2, 2013 01:01 PM",
                    "field-names": {
                        "name": {
                            "type": "Integer",
                            "content": "Count"
                    "message": "Successfully fetched.",
                    "field-values": {
                        "record": {
                            "value": "1"
                        "totalRecords": "1"
                    "status": "Success",
                    "statuscode": "200"
            "version": "1.0"


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