Scanning Workstations and Other Network Devices



With AssetExplorer you can scan all your windows domain, networks part of your enterprise, Linux, MAC, Solaris, AIX machines and IP based IT assets. Also, you can set up audits for scheduling periodic scanning and regular cleanup, scan assets in remote locations and perform individual scan for newly added workstations.




1. Please note that, only technicians with administrator privilege can perform and configure a Scan.


2. AssetExplorer currently supports scanning for the following OS - Windows, Linux, Solaris, MAC, IBM-AIX and IP devices - Printers, Routers, Switches and Access Points.



Scanning Mechanisms

    1. part of Windows domain

    2. scanned using Active Directory, and

    3. part of Windows workgroup

 You can also scan workstations using an Agent or Agentless mode (scans machines using WMI).

    1. OS workstations like, Linux, MAC, Solaris, IBM-AIX machines

    2. Windows workgroup (workstations that are not part of any domain controller).

    3. IP devices like Printer, Router, Switches and Access Points.

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