Workstation/Device Scan


Workstation/Device Scan allows technicians to scan workstations/devices individually instead of having to scan the entire network or domain, using details like domain name/machine address, device type and scan credentials.


Workstation/Device Scan page can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Scan drop-down menu

  2. Assets Tab


Scan drop-down menu


Scan drop-down menu is a quick navigator to instantly Scan configuration page. To access Workstation/Device Scan, click Scan drop-down menu -> Workstation/Device Scan option.

Assets Tab

  1. From Assets block, click any one of the IT Assets.

  2. Click New Scan button to open the Scan Configuration page.


Scanning Workstation/Device:

  1. Specify Device Name (or) Machine IP Address

  2. Select Device Type (Workstations, SNMP and VMWare devices)

  3. For Windows workstation

  4. For Workstations other than Windows (Linux, Mac, Solaris & AIX Workstations)

  5. For SNMP Devices

  6. For VMWare Devices

  7. Click Scan button


New Domains, Networks and Scan Credentials can be added from this page using Add New button.

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