Adding Sites


    You can add list of all sites (building or complex) of your organization in the ManageEngine AssetExplorer.  


    Add New Site

    1. Click on the Admin tab -> Click Sites icon in the Configuration Wizard page. This opens Sites View list page.

    2. To add the new site of your organization, click on Add New Site link on the right side corner of the page.

    3. Specify the Site Name where you have your organization operations set up. This is a mandatory field.

    4. Specify relevant information about the operations in the above-mentioned site in the Description field.

    5. Select the Region of the site from the combo box.

    6. Click the Save button to save the details. You can see the newly added site getting listed in the Site View list page.

    7. Click Save and add new button to save the Site and add another Site.


    Editing & Deleting Sites


    To Edit Site,

    1. From the Site view list page, click on Edit iconor click on the Site name to edit the site details. This brings up the Edit Site page.

    2. Edit the details and save the changes.

    To Delete Site,

    1. From the Site view list page, click on Delete icon to delete the Site name from the list.

    2. A pop up window pops up to get your confirmation on the delete operation. Click yes to proceed. You can see the Site name deleted from the list.


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