Configuring Vendors


    Organizations deal with various vendors for buying resources. Hence it is essential to maintain the vendor information along with the products supplied in the database.


    To access the vendor configuration page,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Vendor icon under Asset Management block. The vendor list view page opens, from where you can add, edit,delete and associate products to the vendor.  


    Add Vendor

    1. Click Add New Vendor link.

    2. In the Add Vendor page, specify the Vendor Name. Say, Dell. This field is mandatory.

    3. If required, specify relevant information about the product in the Description field.

    4. Enter the name of the Contact Person from the vendor location.

    5. Specify the Address of the vendor.

    6. Specify the Contact Info, such as E-mail ID, Phone, Fax and Web URL.

    7. Click Save. The Products tab appears where you can add and associate the products supplied by the vendor. Click Save and Add New to add another vendor.


    Associate Products supplied by Vendors

    1. Click the Products tab -> Associate Product button.

    2. Select the Product Name from the drop down and specify the Price of the product. Both are mandatory fields.

    3. Specify the Tax Rate (%) of the product.

    4. Specify the Warranty Period by selecting the number of years and months from the drop down.

    5. Choose the Maintenance Vendor from the drop down.

    6. If you wish to add any comments, add it to the Comments text box.

    7. Save the changes. Repeat the steps to add all the products supplied by this vendor.


    Edit Vendor


    1. From the Vendor List View page, click Edit icon beside the vendor.

    2. Modify the details and Save the changes.


    Delete Vendor

    1. From the Vendor List View page, click Delete icon beside the vendor to be deleted. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click Ok to proceed. The vendor details is removed from the list.


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