Import Assets from CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files


    You have an option to import all resource data from csv file to AssetExplorer.


    To import data from CSV file,

    1. Login to the AssetExplorer application using user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane. This opens the configurations wizard page.

    3. Under the Asset Management block, click the Import from CSV file icon. This opens the Resource Import Wizard page.

    Step 1: Specify the Resource Category & Type

        1. Select the Resource Category to be imported, from the combo box. Ex IT or Non-IT.

        2. Select the Resource Type from the combo box. Say Components, Other IT Assets, Workstations and so on.

    Step 2: Locate the CSV file

        1. Click the Browse button in the wizard.

        2. Select the CSV file in the file chooser window and click Open.

        3. Click Step 2 button.

    Step 3: Customize Mapping

        1. The CSV column names are populated in the select boxes beside each label. Map the AssetExplorer requester fields with the field names from the CSV file.

        2. Click Step 3 button.

    Step 4: Import

        1. Click Import Now button. The values from the CSV file will be imported to the requester details. Once the import is complete, you get the data on number of records were added, records overwritten, and resource failed on import will be displayed.

        2. If at any point you wish to stop importing from the CSV file, click the Close button.


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