Notification Rules


    Notification Rules are helpful when an event has to be notified to the technicians. Say to, 1) Notify technicians when purchase order is overdue (OR) Notify administrator about audit changes during discovery (OR) Notify technician regarding software under compliance during discovery (OR) Prohibited software is identified during discovery also when the lease period for the asset expires a notification will be sent.  


    When the above-mentioned situations are managed suitably, it not only helps technicians in efficient management of the assets but also bring in cost savings to the organization.


    Note: By default you have notification rules enabled for Purchase Order Overdue.



    Enabling Notification Rules

      1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane. This opens the Configuration Wizard page.

      2. Under the General block, click the Notification Rules icon. This opens Notification Rules page.

      3. To set the notification rules select the relevant notification rules by enabling the check box. Notification rules are self-explanatory.

      4. Except for Purchase order Overdue, you can assign technicians for all other notification rules to notify the fault. This is a mandatory field.

        1. To assign technician select Choose button, this brings up the Choose Technician Name page.

        2. Select as many as technicians from the list using ctrl or shift keys.

        3. Click OK button to save. You can see the selected technicians displayed in the choose technicians grayed out field.

      5. Click Save button to save the set notification rules. The notification to the administrator or to the technicians will be generally sent through email.

      6. If you would like to be notified of the lease expiry date prior to the current expiry date, then specify the number of days before which you need to be notified in the given numeric field.


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