Configuring Roles


    ManageEngine AssetExplorer can be accessed by various technicians in your organization. Those who access the application will have a defined set of roles and tasks to execute. You to configure the roles and assign access permissions for each and every user of the application.


    Note:  By default you have SDAdmin role. You cannot edit or delete this role.

    SDAdmin Role have all the administrative privileges. The technician with SDAdmin role have full control and access permission to all the modules of the AssetExplorer except for PO approval process. If needed PO approval permissions can be provided.


    To add roles,

    1. Log in to the AssetExplorer application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane. This opens the Configuration Wizard page.

    3. Under the Organization Details block, click the Role icon. The next page displays the available list of roles. You can add, edit, or delete roles.

    4. Click the Add New Role link available at the top right corner of the Role List page. This opens the Add Roles form.

    5. In the Add Role form, enter the Role Name. This field cannot be empty and should to be unique.

    6. Set the access permissions for the role. To set the access permission, just select the check boxes beside the access levels defined for each of the modules in the application.

    For Example: if you would like to provide add permissions for the workstation and solution modules and only view permissions for the rest, select the check box below Add against the Workstation and Solutions modules. For the remaining modules, select the check box below View. Selecting the Add check box automatically enables view permissions option.

    1. Specify the Description for the role to be added.

    2. Click Save.

    If you want to add more that one role, then instead of clicking Save, click Save and add new button. This adds the new role and reopens the add role form after displaying a message for the addition of the role.


    At any point, if you decide not to add the new role, then click Cancel to get back to the role list. Clicking the View List link on the top right corner of the add role form will also take you to the role list view.


    Edit Role

    1. From the Role List page, click the edit iconEdit Iconbeside the role name to be edited. This opens the Edit Role form.

    2. Modify the details and Save the changes. At any point, if you wish to cancel the operation, click Cancel.

    While editing a role, if you wish to add a new role, click the Save and add new button instead of clicking Save button after making the changes. The Add Role form opens after displaying a message that the changes are saved.


    Delete Role

    1. In the Role List page, click the delete iconbeside the role name to be deleted. A confirmation dialog is opened.

    2. Click OK to proceed. If you do not want to delete the role, then click Cancel.


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