Changing Software Type

    Using this option, you can change the existing type of the software, say, from Shareware to Managed. You can change the software type either from the software list view page or from the software details page.


    Changing Software Type from Software List View

    From the software list view page, you can change the software type for bulk softwares instantly and with ease.

    1. Select Software -> Scanned Software link from the Assets block. All the scanned softwares are listed.

    2. Enable the check box beside the software to change the software type.

    3. Choose the Software Type from the drop down and click Move button. The software type for the selected software is changed.


    Changing Software Type from the Software Details page

    Change the software type for individual softwares using this option,

    1. From the Software details page, select the software name. The software details page opens.

    2. Click the Actions tab -> Change software type option. The change software type window pops up.

    1. Select any one of the listed software type. Say Managed.

    2. Click Change button to change the software type. The software type changes to managed in the software details page.


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