Ransomware advisory: ACSC, CISA, and NCSC's top recommendations to thwart ransomware threats

Ransomware has always been a menace to enterprises but with the sudden shift to hybrid work paradigm and organizations being at a crossroad when it comes to balancing productivity and maintaining cyber security, threat actors have seized this opportunity to launch highly sophisticated attacks that have resulted in crippling business losses.

Concerned with the economic outcomes of such attacks, top cyber security agencies in the UK, US, and Australia have collaborated on and released an advisory that warns businesses of the threats that ransomware attacks pose and the ways to avoid them and respond to them.

This e-book provides a summary of the following:

  • Ransomware trends in 2021
  • New targets and methodology adopted by threat actors
  • Best practices to prevent ransomware attacks
  • Steps to take when hit by a ransomware attack
  • Endpoint Central's role in enhancing enterprise cyber security

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