Save time by automating complex, regular endpoint management and security tasks with Endpoint Central

Get Zia, your own AI-powered voice assistant with the Endpoint Central mobile app

Use voice commands to execute routine endpoint management and security tasks such as:

  • Scanning, detecting, and deploying missing patches.
  • Performing asset scans and applying licenses.
  • Uninstalling software and blocking invalid executables.
  • Prohibiting software usage.
  • Establishing remote connections.
  • Remotely shutting down and waking up computers.

Gather real-time insights on security gaps in your IT enterprise

Surpass your conventional endpoint security strategy and minimize sophisticated cyberattacks with insightful data. View critical systems, detect device vulnerabilities, and get a snapshot of the current state of endpoint security along with recommendations to ensure cyberhygiene and compliance.

Be the first to know when there's a software or hardware inventory change in your network

Every time there's a change in the inventory of your network, Endpoint Central notifies you of that activity via email based on your preferences.

  • Detect when an end user installs prohibited software or plugs in any external hardware
  • Get alerts on the software licensing status, from compliance to expiry
  • Know when a user is running out of free disk space
  • And much more.

Eliminate malware intrusion and data loss by filtering applications

Enhance productivity without compromising on security by vetting applications used by your end users. Approve or deny apps, group them, and allow selective permissions based on the needs of your end users.

Go beyond traditional endpoint protection with unified endpoint management and security.