Edition Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central – Edition Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central is available in four variants - Patch Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Free Edition. The table below provides a comparison of features available in the different editions.

Functional for all the computers based on the license count

Functional for up to 25 computers (applicable for Free & Patch Edition)

Not Available

Features Patch Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition Free Edition
Suitable For Users who require Patch Management in LAN and/or WAN  Managing Desktops in LAN Managing Desktops across WAN Small Businesses with up to 25 computers and 25 mobile devices
Annual Subscription Price for 50 Computers, Single Technician $345 $645 $795 N/A
Software Deployment
Self Service Portal`
Patch Management
Service Pack Deployment
Third-Party Patch Management
Server Application Patch Management
Antivirus Definition Updates
Test and Approve Patches
Asset Management
Prohibited Software
Software Metering
License Management
Remote Control
Remote Control screen recording
Transfer Files in Remote Session
Windows Configurations
USB Device Management
Block Exe
Power Management
Windows System Tools
User Logon Reports
Active Directory Reports
Managing Desktops Across WAN
Manage Desktops of Roaming Users
Multi-Technician Support
Role Based Administration
Two Factor Authentication
Active Directory Authentication
Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization
Failover Server
Mobile Device Management - Add-on
Device Enrollment
Profile Management
Asset Management
Application Management
Security Management
Audit & Reports
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