Closing the gap between endpoint management and security. Desktop Central now features the Endpoint Security add-on.
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Ever found yourself toggling between various solutions to keep your endpoints secure, and wishing the process was simpler? We have you covered. With the new Endpoint security add-on, ManageEngine Desktop Central now includes both endpoint management and security capabilities. This add-on proactively covers all dimensions of endpoint security, and focuses on strengthening your enterprise security posture, with top-notch features.

Dive in and see what the add-on offers:

  • Scan endpoints for vulnerabilities, assess threats, and patch them regularly
  • Resolve security misconfigurations and harden web servers from XSS, clickjacking, and brute-force attacks
  • Identify publicly disclosed and actively exploited vulnerabilities to patch them on priority.
  • Prevent zero-day vulnerabilities by employing alternate fixes before patches are available
  • Keep track of browsers and their add-ons used in your organization
  • Filter URLs to allow only trusted and authorized websites, and manage website-browser compatibility issues by redirecting to destination browsers
  • Ensure compliance with browser security standards like CIS and STIG
  • Control, block, and monitor USB and peripheral devices to prevent data leakage and theft
  • Limit data transfer rates, set role-based access to files, and enable file shadowing to protect sensitive data
  • Ensure flexibility without compromising on security by easily granting temporary access to devices that require them
  • Blacklist malicious applications, whitelist trusted applications, and manage greylist applications effortlessly
  • Create rule-based application lists, and leverage the flexibility modes to revise and fine-tune your lists
  • Achieve application-specific privileged access with endpoint privilege management
  • Ensure data transfers are only completed on BitLocker encrypted devices
  • Monitor the encryption status of endpoints from a single console
  • Keep endpoints with or without Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protected

One solution = Complete endpoint management and security

Fortified with the new Endpoint security add-on, Desktop Central can now:

  • Protect your network from zero-day vulnerabilities with critical threat assessments combined with comprehensive patch management
  • Reduce the attack surface due to default and poor security configurations
  • Secure your browsers from malicious attacks by tracking the plugins, add-ons, and extensions used in your network
  • Allow access to only trusted or authorized websites, while staying compliant with browser security regulations
  • Avoid data leakage, data theft, and insider attacks by monitoring and restricting the use of USBs, and other peripheral devices
  • Safeguard sensitive information by mirroring data, and tracing file transfers
  • Monitor and ensure data transfers through BitLocker encrypted devices
  • Boost productivity and block high-risk applications by blacklisting them. Permit only trusted applications by creating an application whitelist
  • Leverage endpoint privilege management to ensure application-level security

Steps to enable the Endpoint security add-on:

  1. Already a Desktop Central user?

    • The Endpoint Security add-on is available from Desktop Central build version 100621. If your build version is lower than 100621, upgrade your Desktop Central build by downloading the latest service pack.
    • In the Desktop Central console, navigate to Admin > Endpoint security > Enable Now.
  2. New to Desktop Central?

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