Integrating Endpoint Central with Other Applications

Endpoint Central can be integrated with the following applications:

Integration with Help Desk

Endpoint Central can be integrated with the following Help Desk products:

This enables you to log user requests, integrate asset data and deploy software applications. When you integrate Endpoint Central with Help Desk, you can make help-desk requests by clicking on the Endpoint Central icon in the system tray from any of the computers that are managed by Endpoint Central. The requests are automatically logged into the Help Desk application as incidents. These requests will be assigned by the Help Desk personnel to the respective IT personnel. The IT personnel will make the changes that have been requested using Endpoint Central. In addition to logging help-desk requests, you can also complete the following tasks:

  • Apply configurations, install patches and software applications
  • Scan computers manually to get information about missing patches and update the Endpoint Central server
  • Scan computers for inventory details related to hardware and software applications and update the Endpoint Central server
  • View logon history


The benefits of integrating Endpoint Central with Help Desk products are as follows:

  • Users are no longer required to login to portals to submit requests. Requests can be logged from their computers.
  • Enables automated ticket assigning. The customizable subject line helps administrators to configure the Help Desk application to automate the assignment of owners based on the subject lines entered while logging tickets.

Integration with Asset Explorer

ManageEngine Asset Explorer is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase.

Endpoint Central integration with Asset Explorer let's you to get up-to-date Systems and Mobile device information automatically. This data will be periodically updated from Endpoint Central to Asset Explorer data base.

Endpoint Central's IT Asset Management module has the ability to detect hardware/software changes in the network right from your mobile app. With advanced features like software metering, you can track the licensed software usage and scan different file types to review memory usage. You can also schedule and generate your reports, thus making it easier to monitor your assets.


Integration with Analytics Plus

Endpoint Central's integration with Analytics Plus helps improve IT management performance and efficiency with better insight into your data. Choose from over 100 reports and dashboards built on more than 80 KPIs or customize them to create your own, without being a data expert.

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