Complete UI Integration with ServiceDesk Plus


Desktop Central UI can be completely integrated with ServiceDesk Plus giving ServiceDesk Plus users complete access to desktop management functions.



  1. Ensure that the build numbers conform to the details given below:

  2. Run both Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus in your network

  3. Manage all the computers in your network using Desktop Central

Steps to Integrate Desktop Central UI with ServiceDesk Plus


To integrate Desktop Central UI with ServiceDesk Plus, configure Desktop Central Server Settings in ServiceDesk Plus

    1. Click Admin --> Desktop Central Server Settings

    2. Specify the details of the Desktop Central installation like Server Name/IP, Port and the communication details.
    3. Select the Enable Desktop Management Menu option.
    4. Click Save

After configuring the Desktop Central Settings, ServiceDesk Plus users, will be able to see a Desktop Management Menu in the ServiceDesk Plus UI



Whenever a user is created in ServiceDesk Plus who has access to Desktop Management menu, the same user will get created in Desktop Central as well.


Enabling Desktop Management Menu for ServiceDesk Plus Users


Having integrated the UI of Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, the next thing you do is to enable this menu for ServiceDesk Plus users. The Desktop Management menu, by default, will be visible to all users with administrative privileges in ServiceDesk Plus (Build #8020 and above). However, when you configure the Desktop Central Server settings, it will be visible only for whom the menu has been enabled.


To enable the Desktop Management menu for users, follow the steps below:


You should login to ServiceDesk Plus as a user who has Administrator privileges in ServiceDesk Plus.


  1. From the ServiceDesk Plus Web console, select Admin --> Technicians
  2. Click the user to whom you should enable Desktop Management menu.
  3. Under the Login Details of the user, select "Enable to access Desktop Management Functionality" option
  4. Choose what privileges should the user have in Desktop Central:
    1. Admin privilege will have access to all the features
    2. Guest privilege will only have read-only access to Desktop Management functions.
  5. Select the required privilege and click Save.
  6. Repeat the above steps for every user to whom the Desktop Management menu has to be enabled.

You cannot enable the Desktop Management menu for yourself. You should ask a fellow administrator to enable it for you.



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