How to control the bandwidth of distribution servers in a remote office?


Distribution servers, that are located in remote offices, contact the Desktop Central server to replicate files. During the transfer of these files from the Desktop Central server to the distribution servers; the distribution servers use the maximum bandwidth that is available.

This document provides you with steps required to control the bandwidth of distribution servers in a remote office. If you are using an Internet connection with limited bandwidth for your remote offices, it is important that you control the bandwidth to ensure that it is used efficiently. You can configure data-transfer rate as required. Configuring the data-transfer rate will increase the time taken to transfer data from the Desktop Central server to a distibution server in a remote office.

Note: You can control the bandwidth only for distribution servers and WAN agents in remote offices(without a distribution server). This does not apply to Local Area Network (LAN) agents.


To control the bandwidth of distribution servers in a remote office, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Admin tab
  2. Under SoM Settings section, click Scope of Management
  3. Click the Remote Offices tab
  4. Against the specific remote office name, in the Actions column, click the modify icon
  5. In the Communication Details section, in the Replication Policy, select one of the existing policies with the required Data transfer rate or create a new replication policy for the same
  6. Click Modify

You have changed the data transfer rate between the Desktop Central server and a distribution server in a remote office setting. These settings will be applied when the distribution server contacts the Desktop Central server during the communication interval that is specified in the replication policy. Know more on data replication and replication policy here