OS Comparison Matrix

OS Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central supports three OS platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. The table below provides a features-to-feature comparison available for different OS.

Features Windows Mac Linux
Patch Management
OS Patch Management
Service Pack Deployment ✗
Third-Party Patch management
Server Application Patch management ✗ ✗
Antivirus Definition updates ✗ ✗
Test and Approve patches ✓
Software Deployment
Install/ Uninstall software
Self-Service portal
Asset Management
Hardware and software inventory ✓
Prohibited Software
Block EXE
Software metering
License Mangement
Remote Control
Remote Desktop Sharing
Screen recording
Transfer files in Remote Session
Configurations & Tools
Configurations ✓*
USB Device Management
Power Management
System Tools ✓*
User logon reports ✗
Active directory reports

✓* Configuration to deploy custom scripts is available for all Linux flavors.

✓* Under System Tools remote shut down is available for Mac flavors.

Refer this document to know about Mobile Device Manager Plus OS comparison matrix.