You are trying to deploy Microsoft office updates but the deployment fails with the error message "Error Code : 17302"


When the MSO cache folder or some of the files in it are deleted due to the maintenance operations of clean up tools or antivirus software, the above mentioned error occurs.

MSO cache is a hidden folder, most commonly located in the 'C' Drive, that contains the source installation files for Microsoft Office applications. The contents of this folder are accessed while:

  1. Installing
  2. Applying updates
  3. Conducting repairs


In order to resolve this error, these are the steps that are to be followed on the system in which the agent is installed:

  1. Copy the MSO cache files from a similar system (that has the entirety of the MSO cache folder content intact) and paste into the system with the missing files.
  2. OR

    Uninstall and re-install the Microsoft Office Applications so that a new MSO cache folder is created. You can re-install Microsoft Office Applications by:

    • Using Microsoft Office Applications product CD
    • Through 'Software Deployment' feature in Desktop Central.

  3. Once the missing files are restored, create a backup of the MSO cache folder.

If the issue persists even after following the above mentioned resolution, please feel free to contact Support.