Some of the patches pertaining to this task could not be downloaded


You have scheduled a task to scan, download, draft or deploy patches automatically and the scheduled task fails with the error message" Some of the patches pertaining to this task could not be downloaded"


This could happen even if one of the patch pertaining to this task has failed to download successfully.


To continue the deployment process you can choose any of the following solutions that has been recommended below;

  • To initiate the deployment of successfully downloaded patches, you can change the deployment settings to deploy patches whichever has downloaded successfully. To change the deployment settings follow the steps mentioned below;
    1. Go to Admin Tab
    2. Click Automate Patch Deployment
    3. Click icon against the specific task that needs to be modified.
    4. Under Deployment Settings enable the checkbox to continue deployment even if some of the missing patches could not be downloaded.
    5. Click Save
      Now, the downloaded patches will get deployed and the patches for which download has failed will get deployed during the next schedule.
  • You can delete all the download failed patches, so that the patch deployment will be initiated.
  • Ensure that the missing patches can be downloaded successfully by fixing the reasons which caused the download failure. Refer these documents to know more about patch download failure.
  • You can manually download the failed patches, test it and store it in the patch repository. Refer this document to know more about downloading patches manually.

Applies to: Patch Deployment, Patch Configuration, Patch Download

Keywords: Automatic Patch Management, Deploy Patches, Configure Patch Installation, Download Patches

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