MS03-035 Bulletin Details
Bulletin ID MS03-035
Title Flaw in Microsoft Word Could Enable Macros to Run Automatically (827653)
Summary A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically. Microsoft Word supports the use of macros to allow the automation of commonly performed tasks. Since macros are executable code it is possible to misuse them, so Microsoft Word has a security model designed to validate whether a macro should be allowed to execute depending on the level of macro security the user has chosen.

A vulnerability exists because it is possible for an attacker to craft a malicious document that will bypass the macro security model. If the document was opened, this flaw could allow a malicious macro embedded in the document to be executed automatically, regardless of the level at which macro security is set. The malicious macro could take the same actions that the user had permissions to carry out, such as adding, changing or deleting data or files, communicating with a web site or formatting the hard drive.

The vulnerability could only be exploited by an attacker who persuaded a user to open a malicious document , there is no way for an attacker to force a malicious document to be opened.
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