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Patch Tuesday

Dec 14, 2017

Patch Tuesday, the unofficial term for Microsoft's scheduled security fix release on every second tuesday of a month, has been a constant topic of discussion ever since its inception.

Sometimes also referred to as update tuesday, (Microsoft) Patch Tuesday has played an integral role in fixing vulnerabilities to keep our systems safe. When critical patches are pushed, one of the major task for a system administrator is to ensure that security patches do not cause issues with other enterprise products. However, it also has to be fixed on an urgent basis to avoid zero-day exploits.

So join us this month as we discuss all about Patch Tuesday with our industry experts, including Microsoft as well as 3rd Party security patches. They will also guide you on the best course of action regarding testing, prioritizing patches and future scope.

Previous patch updates

Summary Impact Severity
Summary Impact Severity
Summary Impact Severity
Summary Impact Severity
Summary Impact Severity

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