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Reporting and auditing

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT management, transparency and compliance are paramount. Organizations face an increasing array of regulations and standards that require meticulous reporting and auditing processes. Endpoint Central, a cutting-edge platform, not only eases the burden of compliance but also sets a new standard in reporting and auditing capabilities.


Audit-ready templates

The cornerstone of effective reporting and auditing is the availability of audit-ready templates that align with various regulatory requirements. Endpoint Central takes the complexity out of compliance by offering a diverse set of pre-configured templates designed to meet the stringent demands of regulatory bodies. These templates cover a spectrum of regulations, including but not limited to HIPAA, CIS, ISO, GDPR, and PCI. By leveraging these templates, organizations can ensure that their audits are not only comprehensive but also align with the specific criteria laid out by regulatory authorities.

User-defined reports

  1. Scheduled reports: Scheduled reports is a feature in Endpoint Central that helps you to receive predefined reports, query reports and custom reports in specific formats like CSV, XLS and PDF. By using this feature, you do not have to go to the Endpoint Central web console and individually view reports. Instead, you can simply use this feature for the reports to be sent to you via mail at scheduled times. These reports are automatically scheduled and compiled and can also be sent to multiple people at once by configuring the settings.
  2. Query reports:
    • Canned reports on various modules like Patch Management, Asset Management, Active Directory, and so on.
    • Wizard-based Custom Reports to retrieve any specific information

In addition to the above report types, it also provides an ability to retrieve the required information from the database using the Query Report. This might be useful in cases where you are not able to get the required information from the Canned or the Custom Reports.

Security reports

  • Application Control Reports
  • BitLocker Reports
  • Browser Reports
  • Vulnerability Reports
  • Vulnerable Patches Reports
  • Patch Reports
  • Supported Patches Reports

Self-service portal reports

Endpoint Central offers usage statistics in the form of reports and a dashboard that details the return on investment and the extent to which self service portal has been useful.

Configuration reports

Configuration reports helps IT administrators in to audit and log all the configurations that are deployed to an endpoint.

Power management reports

Power management reports provide extensive insights into the total uptime and downtime for endpoints in a network for a given period. It helps to supervise device usage and power consumption per device for advanced analysis and reduce unnecessary investments on power and energy.

USB reports

Endpoint Central offers the capability to audit USB devices to secure endpoints and log all the peripheral devices used to access corporate data.

Inventory reports

Endpoint Central's out of the box report capabilities let's IT admins to audit and log every component in the managed inventory.

  • Hardware Inventory Reports
  • Software Inventory Reports
  • Software Compliance Reports
  • System Details Reports
  • Warranty Reports

User log-on reports

These reports are generated with the help of the Endpoint Central agents installed in the client systems to track the user logon details.

Active Directory reports

Endpoint Central's robust reporting and auditing capabilities extend to the heart of many organizations' IT infrastructure – Active Directory. With out-of-the-box Active Directory reports, administrators gain a comprehensive view of users, computers, groups, OUs, and domains. This real-time visibility allows organizations to track changes, monitor user activities, and ensure the integrity of their Active Directory environment.

Our reporting functionalities go beyond mere data aggregation, providing actionable insights that facilitate informed decision-making. Whether it's tracking user access, monitoring changes to critical groups, or assessing the overall health of the Active Directory structure, Endpoint Central's Active Directory reports serve as an invaluable asset for administrators.

Learn more

Compliance standards

Navigating the complex landscape of compliance standards can be a daunting task for organizations of all sizes. Endpoint Central simplifies this process by providing dedicated features to meet the requirements of various compliance standards.


    Endpoint Central aligns with HIPAA standards by ensuring the confidentiality and security of protected health information (PHI). Learn more

  • CIS Controls

    The CIS benchmarks is a widely accepted set of best practices for securing IT systems and data. Endpoint Central simplifies CIS compliance with reports that assess the implementation of these benchmarks, allowing organizations to identify and address security vulnerabilities effectively.Learn more

  • GDPR

    Endpoint Central addresses the stringent data protection requirements of GDPR by providing reports that track and audit user access to personal data, monitor data configurations, and ensure compliance with the principles of data protection outlined in GDPR.Learn more


    In the realm of payment card data security, Endpoint Central assists organizations in meeting PCI DSS compliance.Learn more

  • ISO

    Endpoint Central helps your organization comply with the ISO 27001:2013 controls.Learn more

  • RBI

    The Reserve Bank of India has its own set of Cyber laws. It is mandatory that all banks abide by the stringencies put forth by the central bank to operate in India. Endpoint Central can help in adhering to the guidelines put forth to robustify the security and resilience.Learn more

  • NIST

    Any organization that stores, processes, or transmits CUI for the Department of Defense, NASA, and any federal or state agency must be in compliance with NIST 800-171. Learn more


    Endpoint Central provides reporting functionalities that enable organizations to track and audit user access to personal data, ensuring alignment with DPDPA requirements. Learn more

By integrating these compliance-focused features into Endpoint Central, organizations can approach audits with confidence, knowing that their IT infrastructure aligns with the specific criteria set forth by these regulatory frameworks.

Success stories

"The reporting functionality is robust as it not only included helpful canned reports but allows you to tailor reports to your specific needs using virtually any piece of inventoried data. Looking for machines of a specific make & model with a piece of hardware using driver version 1.0.0? Can be done! "

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IT Endpoint Ops Manager,
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