Delta charlie is a botnet malware used by Hidden Cobra, a North Korean hacking group. This malware targets computers missing certain patches. It has affected thousands of computers worldwide by launching DDoS attacks (Distributed denial of services attacks) on the vulnerable computers. Delta charlie can also launch more attacks like Domain Name System (DNS) attacks, Network Time Protocol (NTP) attacks, and Character Generation Protocol (CGP) attacks. In addition to these attacks, it is also capable of downloading executables on infected systems, updating unwanted binaries, changing real-time configurations, posing dangerous threats to enterprise security.

Delta charlie target computers missing the following vulnerability updates,

  • Hangul Word Processor bug (CVE-2015-6585)
  • Microsoft Silverlight flaw (CVE-2015-8651)
  • Adobe Flash Player and 19.x vulnerability (CVE-2016-0034)
  • Adobe Flash Player  vulnerability (CVE-2016-1019)
  • Adobe Flash Player  vulnerability (CVE-2016-4117)

ManageEngine Endpoint Central offers a patching solution where all the above patches can be identified and patched automatically in an easier way.

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How to secure computers from Delta Charlie malware using Endpoint Central?

  1. Open Endpoint Central. Click on the Patch Management tab.
  2. Under the All Patches view, click on the Missing Patches tab.
  3. In the filter column, search for Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. If you find any available patches, deploy them immediately. 

With Endpoint Central in hand stay secured from Delta charlie malware and protect your computers from hazardous vulnerabilities.


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