System Administrators

System Administrator oversees computer networks to ensure they function smoothly and is responsible for customizing the network to meet the organization policy by installing the necessary software applications, applying necessary security policies, adding printers, etc. The administrator has to periodically install the necessary patches and maintain the inventory of the resources. With increasing requests and a growth in the number of desktops, it becomes more difficult to effectively manage desktops manually.

Desktop Central helps System Administrators to standardize desktop configurations, apply necessary security restrictions, deploy software applications, install patches, maintain hardware/software inventory, access and control desktops remotely, and much more. All these can be achieved from a central point without requiring running from one desktop to other.

Desktop Central also helps administrators to pull out necessary reports on the status of each task. It also provides reports on the health status of each desktop, inventory reports, software compliance reports, active directory reports, etc., that can be used for auditing purposes.

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