It has been nearly 4 years since Microsoft had announced end of support for Windows 2000. Starting June 2014, Desktop Central will not support managing computers running Windows 2000 operating system.

Why this change now?

Microsoft, in their latest operating systems like Windows 7, has introduced many new features. For Desktop Central to support configuring these features, we have to upgrade to their latest development environment. The latest Windows development environment is not compatible with their older operating systems and hence we would not be able to support them further.

What is the impact?

When you upgrade your Desktop Central Server in June 2014, the agent in your Windows 2000 computers will not upgrade and subsequently, you will not be able to manage them. You cannot perform any operations like deploying configurations, software or patch, take remote control and so on.

What if you do not upgrade?

If you do not upgrade your Desktop Central Server and if you continue using an older version (build released prior to June 2014), this will not impact you. This means, you can continue managing your Windows 2000 computers as before as long as you do not get into any technical problems with Desktop Central. If you get into some problems and contact our technical support, you would be asked to upgrade to the later version.

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