Active Directory Configuration Settings

Users in the AD (Active Directory) can be imported into EventLog Analyzer server. You have to select the required OUs (Organizational Units) under the Listed domains. You can rescan the network to find domains. Login to individual servers of the domain to get the OUs listed and select the OUs as per your requirement. Use the server credentials (User Name & Password) to login to the server. For the first time, all the users will be imported into EventLog Analyzer. On subsequent or periodic imports, only the new user added to the AD will be imported.



The imported users will be added in the EventLog Analyzer server with the following constraints:

Access Level as Operator and Host Group as Windows Group.


Procedure to configure AD settings


Click the Active Directory link under the Settings tab to configure the AD user details import, periodic import, and to enable user authentication usage. On clicking the link, the Active Directory Configurations page opens up. In that page, you will find the following sections:

Import users from Active Directory


In this section, you will find Import Users button. Click the button and Import users from Active Directory screen pops-up.

In that screen, you will find the following items:

Domain Name combo box will list all the available domains in the network. Besides the combo box, you will find the Rescan Network link. Clicking the link will rescan the network to find out all the available domains. Select the domain from the combo box as per requirement.

If you want to list the OUs of a particular server, enter the server name in the text box.

If you want to access a server and get list of (Organizational Units) OUs, enter the user name and password of the server in the text boxes.

After entering the server name to be accessed and the credentials for server access, click this button to get the list of (Organizational Units) OUs.

If you want to cancel the access to server and get list of OUs operation canceled, click this button.



In this section, you will find a check box to schedule the import of users periodically from AD and a Save button.


every __ days" check box. Enter the periodicity of user import in days.


Click Save button to save the changes.




In this section, you will find the status (Status: Disabled) of the AD authentication to be used for users imported from AD and Enable button.


Click Enable button to use AD authentication for the users imported from AD. On clicking the button the status will change to Enabled (Status: Enabled) and the Enable button will gray out.


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