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To edit alert profile in EventLog Analyzer, use the following menu option:

  • Settings tab > Alerts > Edit/ Del
How to edit alert profile?

Edit, Delete Alert Profiles

Edit/ Del menu will take you to the Alert Profile Details table, where all the alert profiles are listed. On the table row of a specific profile Edit menu icon is available.

  1. Use the Edit icon to edit the selected alert profile.

How to delete report profile?

  1. Select the alert profile(s) by selecting the respective check box(es)

  2. Delete the profile(s), using the Delete menu link.

All Alerts

In the Alert Profile Details table, all the alert profiles created are displayed with enable/disable option, edit profile option, selection check box to delete, the name of the profile, the host(s)/host group(s) assigned to the profile, log type for which the alert will be generated, and the number alerts generated for each profile.


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