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The log files processed by the EventLog Analyzer are archived periodically for internal, forensic, and compliance audits. The archival interval and retention period is configurable. The archive file can be encrypted and time-stamped to make it secure and tamper-proof.

Archive logs

Archived Files page lists all the archived files in a table with the hosts for which the files were archived, start time of archiving, the time at which archived, size of the archived file, the status of the file and action on the file. If the number of archived files is more and if manual viewing and selection is not possible, use the search archived files (search icon) to filter the required files in the list.

How to delete archived files?

1a. Select the archived file(s) by selecting the respective check box(es)

1b. Delete the archived file(s) using the Delete link.

How to generate report from the archived files?

  1. Check the status of the archived file. If it is ‘Not Loaded’, click the ‘Load & Search’ action to load the file in to the database and search the logs.

  2. If the status of the file is ‘Loaded’, click the ‘Search’ link to search the logs in the file. If you want to drop the file from the database, click the ‘Drop DB’ link.

Configuring Centralized Archive Settings

Click the Archive Settings link to configure the centralized archiving in the Admin Server. Refer the Configuring Centralized Archive of Log Files page for deatiled procedure.


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