Troubleshooting Tips - EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition


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Trouble Shooting - General

  1. When I login, why "No Data Available" is shown?

Check for the following reasons:

  1. Data collection is not happening?

The possible reasons could be:

The Admin Server unable to contact Managed Server or the Managed Server status is down.

  1. If the Admin Server is unable to contact Managed Server,
    1. The Managed Server added may not be of Distributed Server type.
    2. The username and password configured for respective Managed Server may not have Administrative privilege.
  2. If the Managed Server status is down, check for the following conditions:
    1. Is the Managed Server running? Is the Port and Protocol information configured correct?
    2. Is the Admin Server needs to pass through Proxy Server? If so, is the same has been configured?
    3. Are the Ports required are opened/allowed in Host/Server(s)?
  1. When Alert count is clicked, "Security Statistics" page is shown with "No Data Available" message?

The possible reasons are listed below:

Trouble Shooting - Managed Server Synchronization

  1. After installing Managed Server, unable to start it. It says "Distributed Edition: Problem encountered while registering with Admin Server."?

This happens when Managed Server fails to establish contact with Admin Server.
The conditions under which communication could fail are listed below:

    1. Admin Server is not running in configured machine at given port.
    2. Managed Server needs to pass through Proxy Server and it has not been configured. In case configured, check if values are valid.
    3. Appropriate ports (8500 - default web server port), (8763 - default HTTPS port) are not opened in Host/Server(s).
    4. Build mismatch between Admin and Managed Servers.
  1. Installed both Admin and Managed Servers, but when I login into Admin Server, I see Managed Settings page only. Why?
  1. In Admin Server, the status of the Managed Server is shown as "Down", even though I am able to view reports for devices in it?

The status update of the Managed Server is performed at the end of every data collection cycle which is scheduled for every 5 minutes.


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