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EventLog Analyzer Help

EventLog Analyzer gives you a wide range of options to contact the Technical Support team in case you run into any problem.


Upgrade page displays the existing license details and options to upgrade the EventLog Analyzer license. The details are, the type of license, number of days to expire, and the number of host(s), and/or application(s) currently monitored. There is a link to buy more license online. There is a provision to point the new license file with text box, Browse button and update the license immediately with Update Now button.


Support page displays all the information regarding the support channels available to solve any of the product issues.


About page displays the conventional informations about the product like, build version, number, service pack applied if any, database used, build date, type, installation language, support and sales email IDs. It also has section displying credits.

User Guide

The menu refers to this guide. It displays the context sensitive help for the particular product screen selected.


At any time, you can click the Feedback link in the top pane, to send any issues or comments to the EventLog Analyzer Technical Support team.



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