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Create EventLog Analyzer SIF and Send

Procedure to create a Support Information File (SIF) and send the SIF to EventLog Analyzer support

We would recommend the user to create a Support Information File (SIF) and send the SIF to eventlog-support@manageengine.com The SIF will help us to analyze the issue you have come across and propose a solution.

The instructions for creating the SIF is as follows:

  • Login to the web client and click the Help > Support menu.
  • Click the Create Support Information File link show in that page.
  • Wait for 30-40 Secs and again click the Support menu.
  • Now you will find new links Download and Upload to FTPServer.
  • You can either download the SIF by clicking on the Download link and then send the downloaded SIF to eventlog-support@manageengine.com or click the Upload to FTPServer and provide the details asked and upload the file.

Procedure to create SIF and send the file to ZOHO Corp., if the EventLog Analyzer server or web client is not working

If you are unable to create a SIF from the web client UI, you can zip the files under 'log' folder, which is located in <EventLog Analyzer Home>\server\default\log (default path) and send the zip file by upload it in the following ftp link: https://bonitas.zohocorp.com/upload/index.jsp?to=eventloganalyzer-support@manageengine.com



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