Viewing Database Filters

Click the Database Filters option in the Settings tab, to view event filters on the data collected and stored in the database. With this option, you can store only the necessary event logs in the database, making it easier to search for a particular event, and optimizing the capacity of the database. Clicking the option will open the Filter Details page. The page contains a combo box and list of filters available.


Managed Server : combo box lists all the Managed servers registered with this Admin server. Select the Managed server as per your requirement.

Viewing Database Filters

The Database Filters option lists all the filters created so far. The list displays the Filter Name, Filter Type, Host Name and Groups for which the filter has been set up.


Note on Database Filters:


You can use the database filters, to filter out the unwanted events from your hosts, from getting stored in the database. By this you can save the hard drive space.

For example, if you want to reject/ filter out the events with the Event ID 1001, in the database filters, choose the Event ID: box and enter 1001. If you are not aware of the Event ID(s), kindly uncheck the events that you do not want to get stored. For example, if you do not want the Information type of events, unselect the Information check box. This will reject all the Information type of events for the host(s) that you choose in the database filters wizard.


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